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Time To Be Living Out Your Dreams

It's the first week of January and everyone is talking about their New Year's Resolutions and how they will become a 'New Person' this year or on the flip side how 'They don't do resolutions'. While resolutions are a great idea- over a third don’t make it past January and majority of the rest are forgotten soon after. This is largely due to not being committed because they are based on what one should be doing rather than what they want.

Why are goals different you may ask? Goals are required to help you achieve your dreams; your true desires. An inspiration to aim for things we never thought possible; required to make your dreams more than just a hope or wish. Without goals in place you will be floating through life, missing that true feeling of accomplishment because you haven't decided where you really WANT to be; it is time to pursue your true passion!

This is where the importance of having measurable goals comes in; you do not get ahead in life by accident. You get ahead in life by pushing, stretching to be above average, and not accepting current circumstances. You will never be extraordinary without doing something extra or different. To be great at anything in life, you need to have something more: an intense hunger to succeed. Champions are made, not born!

Setting goals is the first step to success. The next big step is to take the actions that increase the likelihood of your goal being achieved. Goals and actions need to be in balance; like yin and yang! You will not achieve your goals if you don’t take the right actions to achieve them; goals won't happen without action, and the actions you take must be aligned with achieving your goals. You need to set goals for where you want to be; then you put yourself on a path to achieve them with the actions you take.

If you haven't already put pen to paper and written down what it is that you truly want to achieve this year. It is time to set your goals; do not make any goals about what you think you should do. It's all about what you really want to achieve, your DREAMS.

Once you have written everything thing down, now its time to work out how you will achieve these goals; decide how do you want to reach them. What will you change in order to create the actions to achieve your goals? Set your goals and decide how you want to reach them. Having those targets in place should help keep you motivated. Once the how is on paper there is nothing stopping you from achieving anything you desire.

Once you achieve your goals, it's time to set the bar even higher. The sky's the limit!

Goals are the only way to get ahead in life because luck doesn't last very long; it's not a good strategy. Remember Champions are made, not born!


Here I have shared my short-term goals (my actions to help me achieve my long term goals), which I have already started implementing from the beginning of December after my amazing yoga retreat experience at Krishna Village (Image below).

Share your goal experiences with me, I would love to here from you.


Getting my yoga on @ Krishna Village

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