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Meet Diana!

Diana is a dedicated qualified nutritionist who is passionate about using 'Food as Medicine'. She has an intense passion for helping people to become their best selves through food, health and lifestyle advice.

Nutritional medicine uses a very holistic approach, the aim is not only to treat the symptoms but search for the causative factors in order to prevent illness. There is no one-size-fits-all nutritional solution, Diana individualises options to maximise health and restore healing to the body. She believes vitality and beauty come from within and good nutrition is the basis of everything.

Working with Diana will compliment any healthcare provider such as your family doctor or specialist and can provide a solid foundation to achieve your health goals. Diana will help you fall in love with nutrient dense food one mouthful at a time.

Diana is registered with the Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA) and Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA) offering health fund rebates to all eligible. 

Nutrime Sydney Nutritionist
Nutrime Sydney Nutritionist

Tel: 0415 513 969  |  Email:


What we Offer


Nutritional Consultations

A comprehensive approach to helping you reach you health goals. It's about long-term sustainable change not fad diets or quick fixes.

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Personalised Programs

I’ll assemble a divine meal plan based on your needs and goals. For sustainable weight loss, sports nutrition, detoxification, food sensitivities, etc.

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Nutri Tea

Herbal Blends

A variety of certified organic exotic blends of herbal teas to suit your life and flavour.


Nutritional Medicine is based based on naturopathic principles which treat the root cause of your symptoms/ conditions. By treating the cause you alleviate the symptoms.


We also treat the 'whole' person and not just a symptom which allows your body to use its natural healing ability to heal completely. Food and supplements are used as medicine to assist with this healing process.

Why is Nutritional Medicine Important?

  • Our cells are made up of the food we eat therefore having a nutritious diet will increase the strength of each individual cell


  • Our bodies are bio-chemically unique and require individualised assesments


  • The environment has many toxins and we require the right nutrition to support our bodies to eliminate these to prevent sensitivities


  • Using food as medicine will will have you feeling the best you can be



What is Nutritional Medicine?


" I had better results with my health within months after seeing Diana than I had seeing Medical Specialists for over a decade. Not only is she a beneficial practitioner who treats existing health problems but also a valuable aide in maintaining an overall sense of wellbeing."

Wheatley, SYD


Get in Touch

Now Available in three convenient locations:

HealthSpace: Kingsford

Back to Balance: Casula

Tel: 0415 513 969  |  Email:


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